• 2004-08-10
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Thanks to the great people who give advice on and write plug-ins, add-ons and hacks (yes, that’s the term) for the WordPress software that runs this blog, ˌser.ənˈdɪp.ɪ.ti has acquired a few new features:

  • At the bottom of the left column, there is a window you can use to send me an instant message via the jabber protocol. No additional software on your side is required.
  • I have been playing with The Gimp and made nicer buttons (bullets) for lists.
  • The menu on the left and the footer have become reasonably bilingual. Now everything except the comment entry form is either bilingual or written in franglais. (In addition to monolingual blog entries, of course: not every post will be translated.)
  • A big Thank You to Raena at synapse, who published a way to make the WordPress search behaviour much more user-friendly. I implemented her ideas, made the search bilingual and used it as a “404 page not found” error page for the entire site. Via scriptygoddess.
  • The blog should look better now in non-standards-compliant browsers: more or less as intended in IE6 and IE5.01, not quite right (but you wouldn’t know) in IE5.5, and broken but readable in IE4.01.

If anything doesn’t work as it should, please leave a message or a comment.

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1 comment(s) for 'Serendipity blog'

  1. (Comment, 2004-08-10 23:26 )
    #1 — Edda aus der Wunderburg

    stimmt, auch der alte IE 4 bringt Deine neuen Sachen lesbar - dankeschön -
    ist ja toll, dass meine Adresse mir schon gleich aufgetischt wird!
    Liebe Grüße, DE