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  • 2004-08-02

Generally, it’s called a hiatus in Blogese. Despite temperatures of over 30°C (or maybe because of the ozone pollution levels caused by the heat) I managed to catch what is called Sommergrippe in German — summer flu. It hit me pretty fiercely (I’m still coughing), and I can’t blog when my mind is feverish and I’m half asleep anyway. There’s a lot of blogging material in store, though. We’ll all see how it goes.

Meanwhile, and on popular request, here’s a little number I cobbled together to teach myself Python. Careful, it’s not for the easily offended. You have been warned.

1 comment(s) for 'Onion-eyed mumble-news'

  1. (Comment, 2004-08-04 00:16 )
    #1 — Edda aus der Wunderburg

    Toll, Chris, dass Du die Kästchen jetzt auf ihre Plätze verwiesen hast!!
    selbst in meiner alten Kiste sitzen sie sauber nebeneinander -
    mit dem Abkoppeln vom IE und umsteigen auf Opera bin ich noch nicht weiter gekommen - liebe Grüße, D.M.