Les apostrophes, ce douloreux problème.

En déplorant les effets des anglicismes sur nos langues d’Europe continentale, n’oublions-nous pas les entorses que nous faisons aux règles de la langue anglaise ?

Isn’t there an extraneous apostrophe in the logo of this Firefox extensions repository?

Extensions Mirror bigger view

Click on the thumbnail (or look at the site itself) to see if you can find other slightly misplaced — or at least superfluous — apostrophes.

I also wonder if the pun on “experience” (Firefox extension file names end in .xpi) doesn’t work better for native speakers of, e.g., Romance or Germanic languages (among which, Dutch) than for native anglophones.

But that’s a facet of World English. Over all the whingeing about the nefarious effects of Anglicisms on our respective languages, those of us who live in continental Europe might just be forgetting the liberties we take with English.

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