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  • 2005-04-02
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Yes, I’m joining the crowd. This is an anti-anti-cat-blog blog. World, meet Voyelle, Voyelle, this is World.

my cat Voyelle

(Two remarks: She manages to close her eyes during my camera’s measuring flash, so I have a lot of much better pictures of her, but with her eyes closed. Second, her name means vowel in French, but it’s supposed to be the feminine form of voyou, i.e. scoundrel, in my own private derivational system. I just read that the correct feminine form is supposed to be voyoute. Where did I find this bit of information? I’ll post more tomorrow. )

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1 comment(s) for 'Weekend Cat Blogging'

  1. (Comment, 2005-04-03 01:49 )

    Voyelle is a very handsome cat, and I also strongly approve of anti-anti-cat-blog blogging as a form of pro-centre-embedding blogging.