Smart through music

Le rock et le pop, ça rend intélligent. Avec une discussion du mythe de la caverne.

  • 2004-11-24
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Rock and Pop, that is. We knew already that your brain’s boosted by listening to Bach and Brahms.

There is, at the very least, quite a bit of anecdotal evidence suggesting that the task of decoding allusions in their favourite songs can send kids to the library or have them start earnest dinner-table discussions with their families.

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Björk en vidéo ; suiviez le lien.

  • 2004-08-19
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Jim Gilliam a co-producer of the Outfoxed documentary, has Björk’s performance, at the Olympics opening ceremony in mp3 audio and Quicktime video format. It’s a song from her upcoming album. Not revolutionary, but very much Björk.

Jim Gilliam’s blog is full of information, links and thoughts about the US media, their political role, copyright questions and related topics. Always a good place to stop by.