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  • 2005-04-01

Shouldn’t we be glad that an influential bunch of religious leaders who otherwise don’t agree about much anything for once display unity when it’s about keeping “those” “dirty” people from committing “spiritual rape” of the holy city of Jerusalem?

I’m getting more and more cynical about organised religion, mine included.

2 comment(s) for 'Long live homophobia!'

  1. (Comment, 2005-04-01 15:42 )

    did you see Philocrites blog title?
    Men in dresses and fancy hats oppose gay pride festival.
    pretty sadly funny…

  2. (Comment, 2005-04-01 23:59 )

    Yeah, Majikthise’s commenters mention on the hats, too. Plus, I wonder if the US will count this as an American contribution to brokering dialogue and peace in the Middle East.