• 2005-04-03
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The Guardian has a quiz about telling true stories from April fools’ gags [why the possessive marker? not sure, but that’s how the Guardian spells it]. I don’t want to brag, but I scored 9 out of 9.

In case you haven’t noticed, the title of this entry is in German. That’s what you say to someone you’ve managed to “get” with an April fool’s joke.

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2 comment(s) for 'April, April!'

  1. (Comment, 2005-04-04 08:47 )

    Here in The Netherlands we say:
    “Eén april, kikker in je bil!”

    Which does indeed mean: “April first, frog in your arse!” It’s used by children mostly, of course. Adults just say: “Eén april, sukkel” :p

    Bram :)

  2. (Comment, 2005-05-03 01:53 )

    I only got eight… I really wanted there to be a Sans Seriffe island where they spoke Caslon. Sigh. What a sucker I am. I’m enjoying browsing your site… though I’m quite monolingual. I’m a new blogger, trying to stake a claim in the crowded vaguely-amusing-comments-on-language category. Check me out, if you wish.