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  • 2004-12-05

Language is always a hot topic on #wordpress#[1]. Copy-and-paste from today:

[Korgan] Why isn’t Phonetics spelt with an “f”? :)
[mpt] because most things aren’t self-referential
[mpt] e.g. onomatopoeia isn’t onomatopoeic
[mpt] and adjective isn’t an adjective
[Korgan] Hehe :) Doesn’t explain why, when the English language was evolving, Phonetics didn’t just get spelt with an F. :)
[mpt] Because the only person to ever do any lastingly successful phonetic respelling was Noah Webster

Which, of course, explains everything.

[1]: The irc channel on where WordPress users like to socialize. And help each other.

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  1. (Comment, 2004-12-05 14:09 )

    This is hilarious! :-D