• 2004-09-15
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You borrowed this great CD from a friend, and your computer has a CD burner. Should you? Shouldn’t you? The London News Review has a flowchart that may help with your predicament.

Via Synapse

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3 comment(s) for 'To copy or not to copy, that is the question'

  1. (Comment, 2004-09-15 09:30 )

    I say burn it no matter what. As long as you computer has a burner.:)

  2. (Comment, 2004-09-15 17:07 )
    #2 — chris

    I computer, have burner… Bloody typos!

  3. (Comment, 2004-09-16 00:26 )

    Burn it - if for no other reason than that flowchart !

    Mind…. you could always not burn it, just start a torrent with it ;)