• 2004-09-05
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I’m famous! All right, not really. But Creative Commons write on their blog about their new and improved search engine. And test it with the request “Show me all photos of Paris that I can make derivative works from and sell afterwards”. Result: the first two results are from my Paris gallery!

I am actually a bit embarrassed. I didn’t use the Creative Comments license in order to present myself as a great photographer or, as far as this web log is concerned, thinker. As far as I have researched the matter, I find that Creative Commons licenses typify a way to make text, images and multimedia documents, ie much of what falls in the categories of creative works and thought, accessible to and useable by a wider public. It may well be one of the most efficient ways to distribute one’s content as long as it can reasonably be kept outside a purely commercial setting. My “Creative Commons” buttons are there for two main reasons: to advertise the scheme and, to a lesser degree, to state my ownership of the not otherwise attributed documents on this site in a less pompous way than by reserving “all rights”.

I am also embarrassed because my photography pages urgently need redesigning. They were done years ago, before I had heard of CSS. I’d rather you looked at the picture dump index.

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