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  • 2004-08-25
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Grod has an interesting project: opening hooks — a collection of literary beginnings. He [after a lengthy discussion on #wordpress a 95% probability for Grod being male was collectively determined] started small. But since the site got boingboinged, ie mentioned on the apparently popular blog that goes by that name, the number jumped up to nearly 300 within two days.

You can browse the opening hooks, submit one you appreciate, or vote on the hooks already in the database. I wonder, however, if many readers aren’t just entering the opening sentence or paragraph of their favourite book instead of their favourite opening passage of any book, even if they wouldn’t rate it all that highly overall.

Une collection d’incipits (pour la plupart des débuts de roman de différents genres … dont la quasi-totalité en anglais) vient de voir le jour sur l’initiative de Grod. Vous pouvez rajouter le votre, si par hasard vous en connaissez un qui vous a particulièrement touché ou frappé par son génie. Je me demande néanmoins si une partie des entrées dans la base de données ne représentent que des débuts des romans favoris au lieu de débuts de roman favoris. [K ! A l’aide ! Mes articles et adjectifs ne veulent pas s’accorder !]

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3 commentaire(s) pour 'Hooks'

  1. (Comment, 2004-08-25 22:23 )

    What do you mean “lengthy discussion”? Besides, you and I have chatted, remember? And yes, I am male. :-)

  2. (Comment, 2004-08-27 09:08 )

    And All this time I thought Grod was a women :). But seriously I really like that project. And isn’t the point to get as many opening hooks as possible, not just the best ones, to really see what makes a great opening hook?

  3. (Comment, 2005-07-09 02:17 )
    #3 — Waterdog

    Whatever happened to Opening Hooks? The database is no longer accessible. I thought it was a great site, but I havne’t been able to use it in quite a long time.