The cat and the pigeon

Une autorité de surveillance britannique veut que Emir Kusturica coupe une scène de son film La vie est un miracle. Suivez le lien (en anglais) pour en savoir plus.

  • 2005-03-05

This is Emir Kusturica speaking:

I love Ken Loach and your football and your working class, but I do not believe the great English culture is going to be undermined by one eastern European cat.

I just don’t get it. The pigeon was already dead, we found it in the road. And no other censor has objected. What is the problem with you English? You killed millions of Indians and Africans, and yet you go nuts about the circumstances of the death of a single Serbian pigeon.

Er, oops?

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    This was a very funny and at the same time intriguing read. I agree with the on most of his issues. However, he says he doesn’t like the Western world for being bi-polar…
    He looks a little bi-polar himself to me ;)

    I must see his films.