• 2004-11-29

Update 2: The language was Yakut, and the solution was supposed to have been easy. Hum. I’m doubtful as to the the latter. Palimpsest has been updated. Who’d have known that the people of Yakutia have spiffy pop music radio shows like this? [The original entry was dated 2004/11/15.]

Update 1: Now this was really hard. I’m by no means sure, that is to say, I’d give a 20% chance that this is Bulgarian, 20% for Uzbek, a 30% chance that it’s Kurdish (which is my stab at a solution), and a 30% chance that it’s something completely different. Details, transcription, and lots of personal thought processes on my wiki.

Already a third language quiz by Mark Liberman at Language Log! But if you read this blog, you probably know already. This offering sounds deceptively simple. Allez! We have got one week this time.

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