Anagram poetry

Poésie anagrammatique assistée par ordinateur.

GENITALIC WHIRS by A Chisel Writing

erica whistling
heliac writings
citing welsh air
a new girlish tic

lawn-git cries hi
wiling heirs act!
angelic his writ
within glaciers

lit-wiring aches,
aching writs lie
a hit girl winces
is ailing wretch

ah clingier wits!
ah twirling ices!
ah wilting rices!
hie tiring claws!

witches lairing
litchi swearing
grice with snail
a wet chili grins

agist crew nihil
nisi agile crwth
ceiling is wrath
licit anger wish

awl etching iris
law nigh eristic
haws irenic gilt
what’s icier ling?

tinglier schwa i
wish a clit reign
cheating i swirl
sic genital whir

Software used: this and this anagram engine. Input: my real name (first and last).

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