Je viens d’installer la version 1.3alpha3 du 05 septembre de WordPress. Ce billet en anglais parle des premiers pas entrepris.

  • 2004-09-06

I didn’t have a changelog at the old site. The still valid and active site, I ought to say, because this one will take some work. It will go life when and only when

  1. Everything — plugins, permalinks, layout — works satisfactorily and
  2. I know how to safely redirect everyone who might have or find an obsolete link to the site.

What is done:

  • installed WP 1.3-nightly-0509
  • corrected incorrect path information in the imported database, in particular the variable HOME and some picture upload directories
  • activated the Markdown 1.0 plugin that came with the installation
  • copied and renamed the “Raspberry Milkshake” style sheet for the admin panel

This is the to-do list, not necessarily in any logical order:

  • decide on a permalink structure and activate it
  • move over my custom quicktags
  • install the language picker plugin and make it compatible with the permalink structure (note: WP1.3 is incompatible with Stevarino’s faked folders; I hope the WP Rulers & Masters get static posts to work soon)
  • redesign the site: better positioning, background, new menu/navigation bar, non-jumpy header, cross-browser compatibility; rethink search and archive pages
  • implement elements of Stephanie’s multilingual posting functionality — maybe hack the language picker plugin a little

To be continued and completed.

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