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  • 2004-11-09
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Today is the 15th anniversary of the “fall” of the Berlin Wall. I am using quotes because “fall”, except if you understand it in the sense of the end of a siege, sounds a bit accidental. I’d prefer breakdown; the German press tends to write Maueröffnung (as well as Mauerfall, ie the (act of) opening of the wall, which connotes a higher degree of willingness on the part of those in power than seems appropriate.

(To answer the question why the 9th of November isn’t a public holiday in Germany: it is also the anniversary of major atrocities — and please don’t call them by their Nazi propaganda name. The 9th of November seems to be a day when important things happen in Germany. The first German republic was also proclaimed — twice — on this date, in 1918.)

But today is also the date of the launch of Firefox 1.0. If you are among the 35% of this site’s visitors who still use MSIE, just give it a try. Mozilla.org’s Firefox site is, satisfyingly, swamped. Here are the direct download links for the localized versions as of today:

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